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Psychomagic, in the words of Alejandro Jodorowsky, is a theatrical/ritual act which allows you to communicate with the world of the unconscious directly, through analogue/symbolic language. Jodorowski's great intuition was to delve into the unconscious world, where psycho-relational “knots and blocks” are formed, through its own language.

Psychomagic has an inverse approach to classic psychoanalytic therapies, where an attempt is made to bring unconscious content to the surface to analyze it according to the language of discursive logic. In other words, having identified a specific node through a prior tarological reading, the psychomagician assigns to the consultant an act of a theatrical/ritual nature which, if carried out, will integrate a lack or complete a pending issue or realize a specific impulse, according to a precise " analogue/symbolic logic.

Psychomagic is not to be understood as a psychological, medical or clinical replacement therapy, but as a creative act which aims to raise awareness to stimulate internal changes in the actor/consultant. In this sense, Psychomagic is the MEANS to move in the territories of the unconscious, following the metagenealogical map and the tarological topography.



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200 pages richly illustrated including poetry, art, non-fiction, self-help exercises, tarot, metagenealogy, psychomagic and archetypal mindfulness.



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