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Gianni Placido

I'm a musician, composer, poet and visual artist from Italy. I'm specialized in playing didjeridoo, the aboriginal wind instrument, since 1997.

I performed live all around Italy, Europe and Israel, producing 5 albums.

Some of my compositions have been used for cine documetary.

I'm a yogi and meditatio practisioner since year 2004, under the guide of my Master Franco Bertossa.

I'm a psychogenealogyst since year 2001, studying the teachings of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Cristobal Jodorowsky and Moreno Fazari, both in Italy and France.

I regularly do private consultations about metagenalogy, evolutionary tarology and Archetipycal Mindfulness, the practise i developped in these years.



Followed workshops

2006: Mark Atkins workshop
2007: Hard Tongue Yidaki - Jeremy Cloake
2007: Hard tongue e Gunborg Yidaki - Paride Russo
2008: Yidaki Balanda workshop - Jeremy Cloake
: Hard Tongue workshop - Paride Russo
2013: Christian Muela workshop

Musical productions and collaborations

1998: Turning - home recording
Cantandomi - home recording
2010: Ab Origine - studio album
2011: Traccia Randori in compilation Didjeridoo made in Italy a cura di Stefano Benini
2012: Breathless - studio album
2013: Keeping the wire - studio album
2013: Dialogues on the Cosmic Highway - studio album - Yin2Yang
2013: Traccia Keeping the wire in compilation Didgeridoo for the Burrup and all the Sacred Lands
2015: La via di uscita - studio album - Ab Origine ensemble
2015: Keeping the wire 2.0 - studio album - Ab Origine band