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VXK - VORTEXKLUB teknoshamanmuzak

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Vortex Klub is technoshamanmusak! A project born to make you dance and drag you down into the vortex with sonorities ranging from acid techno, electro music, to organic techno music and over. Vortex Klub was born from a collaboration between three musicians from bologna underground scene. Machno:electric drum, Djan’Nì: didjeridoo, Peter enkson:machines. Far away from determined shape, they are purposing a total improvisation.

“The tekno-rebel song is playing for the teknovortex-club mutants, storming for another night of the metropolitan apocalypse, around the dance floor number 13. The tekno-rebel song is resonating in the 6th level suburb corners…is shot out from the gangs’ ghetto-blasters, waiting for some astray daddy’s boy. The tekno-rebel song is the soundtrack of each cyberpunk stronghold… the ideal accompaniment for cyberspace surfing. The tekno-rebel song is the hyper-lisergic tripping dreamers hymn…now ready to send enlightened messages to tomorrow’s humanities!!!(The tekno vortex…It’s the tekno class-war baby…I wanna a city riot now…It’s the tekno-shaman-muzak babe)”

Professor Bad Trip - ”Tecnorebelsong” 1994