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Metagenealogy, according to the school of Alejandro Jodorowsky, is the study of the genealogical dynamics of our “Family Tree". First of all this study has the aim of highlighting all those beliefs and conclusions drawn regarding the human being and his world, which influence us in our personal choices. The second purpose is to manifest our values, intentions and talents, that is, what makes our life full and meaningfully lived.

This “blocks” generate bonds of “family loyalty” that chain us to repetitive beliefs/patterns and various self-boycott dynamics. Their dissolution determines the recognition, acceptance and sharing of both those impersonal vocational talents and a great energy to dedicate to them.

The compilation and study of the Family Tree are essential to orient yourself with an EXTERNAL MAP, i.e. the history of your family and with an INTERNAL MAP, i.e. the history of the dynamics of your family unconscious.

The compilation of the Family Tree must, at least partially, be drawn up in order to delve into its dynamics together with the Metagenealogist.



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From Metagenealogy to Archetypal Mindfulness - interview with Gianni Placido


"This meeting allowed me to highlight blocks in my family tree that were not easy to recognize. Naturally it works if there is availability on the part of those who go to a competent metagenealogist".

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