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Evolutive tarology is a method of investigating the unconscious through the instrument of the Tarot of Marseille, which is neither predictive nor fortune-telling.

Through a tarological reading it is possible to establish a clear TOPOGRAPHY of the unconscious, identifying its evident dynamics via analogue/symbolic meanings. In other words, the consultant asks a question relating to a problem, extracts an agreed number of cards and is guided by the tarot reader in translating these images into specific meanings, useful for investigating and moving towards a possible solution to the problem.

The tarology understood here has no divinatory meaning, much less cartomancy and is not to be understood as a psychological, medical or clinical replacement therapy, but rather as a creative practice which has the aim of raising awareness to stimulate internal changes in the consultant.


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"I asked Gianni for a tarological consultation. And what I "feared" happened! I had to give up the so-called comfort zones in which even certain habitual psychoanalysis had relegated me! Nothing esoteric of course. It's about seeing things more clearly that deep down you already know. Jung understood this".

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200 pages richly illustrated including poetry, art, non-fiction, self-help exercises, tarot, metagenealogy, psychomagic and archetypal mindfulness.



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