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Ab Origine is a musical project curated by Gianni Placido based in Bologna and focused on contemporary ethnic music, with rock, electronic, ambient and progressive contaminations.

The band has produced seven albums: the homonymous Ab Origine (2010), Breathless (2012), La way out (2015), Keeping the wire 2.0 (2015), Solid Sound of Silence (2017), Eleusi (2020) and Machina ex Devs (2022). The project involves musicians from the Italian and international scene who contribute to the overall result of the work according to the motto: "The whole is more than the sum of the individual parts!".

"Border and ethnic music", with a contemporary attitude and rock influences, played with instruments such as didjeridoo, sax, African percussion, theremin, ethnic and electric guitars, overtone singing, piano, jaw's harp, shakuhachi and kaliyuka flutes, kalimbe, sansula and many others The ubiquitous didjeridoo played by Gianni Placido has been joined over the years by a multitude of musicians in the Ab origine ensemble, who have participated in the recordings and live sessions: the Siberian virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Vladiswar Nadishana (jaw harp, kaliyuka flute), Giuseppe Dal Bianco (ethnic woodwinds), Lorenzo Niego (Middle Eastern percussion), Lorenzo De Boni (harp), Riccardo Casaroli (drums), Cico Rossi (West African percussion), Nico "Pineal" Canzoniero (electronics), Otto Wagner (sax and flute), Ivan Valentini (sax), Andrea Trapani (electric bass), Federica Di Leonardo (modern singing), Enrico Marani (electronics), Valerio Canè (theremin) and Ni colò Toschi (sitar), Francesco Gherardi and Ayub Noor Muhammad (tablas and daf), Rossella Cosentino (voices), Stefania Megale (sax and voices), Antonio Petitto (percussions and double bass), Tommaso Vinci (dobro guitar and voices), Luigi Mennuni (acoustic guitar), Simone Mullazani (bansuri flute), Filippo Pigaiani (handpan) and Gabriele Gubbelini (electronics). Currently the band formation makes use of the stable participation of Riccardo Frisari on drums and Gabriele Gubbelini on electronics, while the live solo involves Gianni Placido in a one man band show.

Ab Origine has played live on the stages of some of the most important contemporary ethnic and electronic music festivals in Europe and Israel: Le Réve de l'Aborigéne (France), Tribal Elék (France), Fatt Didgeridoo festival (Portugal), Burning Mountain Festival (Switzerland), Israel Didgeridoo Festival (Israel), Natibongo (Italy), Mama Africa Meeting (Italy), Didjin'Oz (Italy). Some of their compositions have been used for documentary cinema.


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