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I have been playing the Australian Aboriginal wind instrument since 1997 and since 2006 I've been teaching it in Bologna with the school I founded, the Bologna Didjeridoo School.

I have taught throughout Italy, in France and in Israel, holding no less than thirty workshops, including six editions of the “Overtone Seminars”, four of the “Dreamtime Didgeridoo Workshops” and two “Didgeridoo National Happening”.

With the cultural association Didgeridooing we contribute to supporting the divulgation of didgeridoo music and contemporary world and ethnic music, organizing workshops with other musicians and guest teachers of the school. Since the beginning of its foundation, BDS has supported didgeridoo makers on the Italian scene, promoting and innovating their luthier art through a continuous and profitable exchange of experiences.

At the school there is currently a large number of instruments for sale, both in wood and fiberglass. logo

Mappe della coscienza

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200 pages richly illustrated including poetry, art, non-fiction, self-help exercises, tarot, metagenealogy, psychomagic and archetypal mindfulness.



The new album of Ab Origine